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Our mission is to educate, empower, and equip others to improve their overall well-being.

Rise Up’s Role

  • Raise awareness about available resources and needs with leaders and community partners.
  • Promote health screenings and referral protocols.
  • Provide continuing education and workshops for:
    • GED/ESL/citizenship
    • Financial awareness
    • Self-improvement
    • Health
    • Other needs warranted by the community
  • Dress for success boutique. Collect and distribute professional clothing for job interviews.
  • Distribute free nutritious food and beverages to those in need.
  • Provide immigration advocacy and assistance (Note: we are not attorneys).

Rise Up’s Focus

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Childhood Experiences

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Advocacy & Consulting

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Social Support

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Financial Wellness Workshops

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Our Community Garden

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Health Related Workshops

Community Outreach

Raising Awareness

Our goal is to stay connected to our community by listening to their needs. Many times there are available resources that are not taken advantage of. We want to help bridge that gap and keep our community informed. 

A Holistic Approach




Our Community,
Our Well-being

The prosperity of a community is expressed by the advancement of its’s people.

Our vision and aim is to reach as many underserved communities as possible and help them manage, prepare and provide opportunities for advancement using a holistic approach.

Team RiseUp

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Natalia Mojica

CEO / President

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Jacelyn Serrano


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Angelique Mojica

Youth Pastor

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Vicente Casas


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Jose Torres


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Davina Casas


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Amelia Plascencia


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